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Honolulu Personal Injury Attorney Dennis Potts has over 40 years of trial experience providing effective representation for clients in personal injury cases. Personal injury is a practice area encompassing many separate specialties.

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation to help get your life back on track. With any personal injury case, there are several types of compensation plaintiffs may be able to receive. These are separated into economic and non-economic damages

Economic Damages

Economic damages are related to a personal injury or death such as medical expenses, lost wages and loss of excess earnings.

Non-Economic Damages

In addition to economic damages, personal injury victims may pursue compensation for issues like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of companionship. These are typically subjective and and are not subject to the same strict requirements for proof that economic damages are.

Hawaii is touted as America’s little piece of paradise – a place that is more of a tourist destination than a home. However, nearly 1.5 million people call Hawai’i home, and face the same trials and tribulations as those on the mainland.

The population of Honolulu Hawaii makes up nearly 375,000 of the total state population. Out of this number, a percentage experience severe injuries stemming from accidents which occur without notice. Unfortunately, many victims of personal injury accidents are tourists visiting the state, who have to continue to deal with a personal injury claim even after returning to their home state. IF you or a loved one have been injured in a personal injury accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.

If you have been injured in an accident, seek competent representation as soon as possible. Though the state of Hawaii has a two-year statute of limitations, it is best to hire an attorney to work on your case at the earliest possible time. Personal injury cases necessitate thorough analysis of medical bills, lost wages, physician's reports, and other documents to substantiate the plaintiff’s claims.

To bring a personal injury case forward, the plaintiff must first prove negligence, which requires the help of an experienced personal injury attorney like Dennis Potts. If you have been injured as a result of someone else's negligence and would like to receive the highest reward possible, contact Dennis Potts today.

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As a resident of Hawai'i for over 45 years, I have a great understanding and compassion for the people and culture of Hawai'i ne. With this experience, I am able to navigate the nuances of the Hawaiian legal community and provide my clients with extraordinary results.

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I have received millions of dollars in recovery, settlements, and judgments in my clients' favor. Since 2007, I have had a 100% success rate obtaining favorable outcomes for my clients. I know what it takes to maximize the value of your case.

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I can guarantee my clients that their case will be personally handled by me, and not by a junior associate, paralegal, or intern. Clients meet with me personally, and I keep close communication with them throughout every step of the legal process.

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With more than 40 years of experience vindicating the rights for victims of injury or property loss, Dennis W. Potts is one of Hawai’i’s preeminent civil litigators.

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Your time and money is every bit as important as your legal case. You don't want to be spending money on a losing case just as you don't want to lose an important personal injury case. That's why you'll never be left holding the bill for a lost case when you choose us. If he doesn't produce a recovery for you, there will be no fees.

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Hawai’i is a modified comparative negligence state, which means a victim’s damages may be capped depending on their percentage of fault in the accident. For example, if a victim in a car accident was speeding at the time of the accident, although the primary cause of the accident was caused by an illegal left turn, a court may find that the victim was 25 percent at fault for the accident. The victim’s damages will then be reduced by 25 percent.

In Hawai’i, if a victim is more than 50 percent at fault, they will be barred from bringing a claim for damages. It is therefore important to determine the percentage at fault you may be.

Honolulu Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one were injured in a personal injury accident, do not hesitate to contact the Dennis Potts Law firm. Dennis Potts is an experienced attorney and has handled personal injury claims for years. Hawai’i has unique laws and restrictions relating to the recovery of damages after a severe personal injury accident, and has a two-year limitations period after the accident and injuries occur. It is therefore important to contact Honolulu Personal Injury Lawyer Dennis Potts as soon as possible after the accident. Dennis Potts will help guide you throughout the claim process and determine the full amount of damages you are entitled to receive after an accident. He will administer the claims for you so that you can focus on what is important – your recovery. Contact our Honolulu office today for your initial free consultation.

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